Sound Check: Denny Pascasio

Everyone listens to music, and has different opinions. I swear I talk to Denny about the newest mix tapes and rap beefs all the time. When we aren’t doing that, we are prob making fun of old man Zep’s taste in music from the 60’s. But really we all have different tastes, and are open to different other types. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Chris’s phone ring “dead wrong” by Biggie and showed Denny a indie song he falls in love with. Over time, I’ll be posting some sound checks with the team. Music really sets the atmosphere, and gives you some insight to the person listening. So check this out with an one mind, and check out some of these jams!

Denny’s Take on Music
For me, music has got to be raw and yet flowing. I don’t care to much to hear a double bass pedal and some 18 year old with too many Myspace friends yellin through my speakers with guitar screeching behind him. Nor do I care to hear some really book smart thug turned genius rhyming words that end in “our and it ion” I like raw, funny, vulgar down to earth rap x hip hop, and classic shit. But not the obligatory 3 letter named rappers. I can’t deny ever that I love some ignorant Anthem like nonsense thought such as Lil B and Rick Ross though. As far as my mellow music taste goes, anything funky or jazzy works or the deep natural synth sound of The Radio Department works. i got a parties worth of different music i enjoy and it all plays its part in either m riding, chill in out, or fiesta nonsense!”

Denny top 5’s
Artists Of All Time
5. Test Icicals
4. The Radio Dept
3. Madlib x Quasimoto
2. Danny Brown
1. J Dilla (all round Don of raw! RIP)

New Artists
5. Big Baby Gandhi
4. Freddie Gibbs
3. Mr. MuthafuckineXquire
2. Action Bronson
1. Spaceghostpurrp

Artists People Would Be Surprised You Listen To
5. Ready For The World
4. Johnny Coltrane
3. Devo
2. Breakbot
1. Bonny Caldwell

Cruise Tunes
5. “untitled” – Slum Village
4. “Supposed 2 Change” – Big Baby Gandhi
3. “Blessed” – Schoolboy Q
2. The Menstral Show Album – Little Brother
1. “Double Impact” – Action Bronson

Hype Jams
5. “Bruiser Brigade” Danny Brown
4. “Body Bags” – Waka Flocka Flame

3. “I Put That Everythin” – Gucci Mane
2. “The Transporter” – Rick Ross
1. Fuck Tvylor Gang – SGP

Party Music
5. “Ride Up” – Lil B
4. “Kryptonite” – Killer Mike
3. “Whaddup Bum” – Chip Tha Rippa
2. “House Party” – Meek Mill

1. ” No Hoe” – D-Lo

Chill Tones
5. “Intro ft Zola Jesus” – M83
4. “So Far To Go (Instrumental)” J Dilla
3. “Girls and Women” – Kool AD
2. “Rath of a Raider” – Spaceghostpurrp
1. “A Window” – The Radio Dept

Calm Yo Self Out Music
5. “Montara” – Madlib
4. “Jazz Cats” – Madlib
3. “In My Dreams” – Kid Cudi
2. “Motivation” – Clams Casino
1. “MHBs” – Quasimoto

Songs To Mack To
5. “International Players” – UGK

4. “Hipster Girls” – Lil B
3. “Gimmie some Mo” – Busta Rhymes
2. ” Lookback at me” – Trina
1. “Svck a Dixk for 2011″ – SGP

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