Quick Flick: Chris Zep

Found this gem on the back of a milk cartoon saying “missing”

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Rides For Riders

Jon Turvey sent over his ivy 3 build. What a babe! Hope all goes well with your surgery my dude, we are all pulling for ya.

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Pauly Cvikevich: Quick Flick

Pauly is out in Austin livin it up. catch a few shows for me buddy.

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Pauly Cvikevich: Credence PR Trip

Pauly went to Puerto Rico with the credence crew; check out their rad adventures.

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Pauly Cvikevich: PR Party

Pauly is out in Puerto Rico liven it up while we all freeze to death this winter. Here are some photos oh his trip so far with the Credence crew. Cheers man, soak up that vitamin d for me.


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Pauly: In P.R.

Pauly is out in puerto rico with the credence crew liven it up!

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Quick Clip: James Lukas & Ben Hatchell Doubles Run

Quick Clip: James Lukas & Ben Hatchell Doubles Run from The Take on Vimeo.

James and Zero Skateboads’ Ben Hatchell are friends from home and occasionally catch a sesh together. Here they work out a rad doubles line. Ben prob went to x games or something after this, we sent james to the bar for another round.

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Jsonn: BMX Union Photo Gallery

Jsonn got a flick in Nick Steben’s photo gallery over at BMX Union. Go check out the rest of the awesome photos including some of our FBM brethren.

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Tanner Nelson: Hood Antics – Denver Division

hood antics: denver division from Rob DiQuattro on Vimeo.

Tanner went out to Denver to ride with some homies. This edit, masterminded by the genius that is Rob Diquattro, captures the trip. Shout out to Rob and the homie Paul Smith in there

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Collateral BMX: Josh Pascasio

Josh Pascasio : Shred Biscuits 2 from Jose Thompi on Vimeo.

Via collateral
So Josh just randomly came up and dropped this tight little edit for ya viewing pleasure. Homeboy definitely has the “before the cold drops” shred jitters and is just dropping hammer filled short bags of goodness all over. These were a few clips filmed from September to just this past Tuesday! Once again its awesome to see that Josh is sticking to some solid roots with some straight aerial maneuvers such as “one handed no footers to dang no footed can” and Nothings like they’re nothing. Straight out of a Rhythm section combos, with a small order of street moves from a local ledge spot to keep it jiggy as well. He’s doing his own thing, and its original with some nice little splashes of some modern moves too! This dude is progressing, and fast… and in a super heavy way. We also have a small split edit it in the works too! So keep an eye out for that my squids, until then enjoy this small little plate of Shred Biscuits that the homies Joe Thornton and Austin Fenezia captured and baked up of Josh! Partyon Folks!

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