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Derek Klegraefe: B-Cave Promo 2

video about a video from chris childs on Vimeo.

Derek gets a sweet clip with his Provi crew for the second B-Cave promo.

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James Lukas: White Wall Photos


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James Lukas: FBM White Walls Jam

FBM White Walls session from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

A little late on posting this, but James has some rad clips in here

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Pauly Cvikevich: Been Killing It


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James Lukas: Welcome To Pro

James Lukas Welcome To The Take from The Take on Vimeo.

James has been the homie for so long, and he has been slept on like a snooze alarm. After not much thought, because it was so well deserved, the entire team agreed on giving him the bump. When ...

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Pauly Cvikevich: FBM Lost Bowl ESPN edit

Pauly doin his thing in VA

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Pauly Cvikevich: FBM Lost Bowl Jam

FBM Lost Bowl Jam! from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Pauly shredded some VA stomping grounds with the fbm locals for their jam. I made it last year, def looks like they had just as much fun. Pauly kills it.

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Ryan Alcock: Ride UK


Ryan has a sweet bit in the new Ride UK for the artisans issue. Go pick one up and learn to read if you haven’t… altho you can’t read this.

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Quick Flick: Chris Zep


Found this gem on the back of a milk cartoon saying “missing”

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Rides For Riders


Jon Turvey sent over his ivy 3 build. What a babe! Hope all goes well with your surgery my dude, we are all pulling for ya.

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